Cast and Crew of "The Happy Husband"

MARC SALGIA - producer, director, editor and actor
Marc Salgia is an actor and a producer at TCTV cable channel 28 in the Los Angeles area, and in addition to his various roles in creating "The Happy Husband" he is an author, publisher, and engineer in the satellite industry. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Southern California, and the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio in Santa Monica, Marc's vision for "The Happy Husband", in which he plays the lead role of Mr. Pinchwife, evolved over a period of over two years. Marc's acting credits include "The New Bicycle" in which he played four different lead and supporting roles, "The Cafe Scene", "Doctor", and "Outsourcing". "The Happy Husband" is his directorial debut and among other projects he is developing a spiritually-themed feature set in first century Israel with a broad appeal to seekers of many walks. {}

One of England's most celebrated playwrights of the Restoration period, William Wycherley's unforgettable characters of Mr. and Mrs. Pinchwife resonate across space and time from his original play "The Country Wife" on which "The Happy Husband" is based. Mr. Wycherley also wrote "The Plain Dealer" drawing upon Molière's "Le Misanthrope" and scholars credit him for coining the terms "nincompoop" and "happy-go-lucky". Dead since 1715, William is thought to be partying in the afterlife thanks to this latest interpretation of his work. {via Ouija board}

DELILA LISE - co-producer and actress
A seasoned performer on stage and screen, Delila Lise plays the lead role of Mrs. Pinchwife in "The Happy Husband". Her many talents have taken her all over the US where she has performed in productions of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Oklahoma!", "Cinderella" and "The Odd Couple". A graduate of the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio and now a working actress in Los Angeles, Delila is also a highly trained dancer, choreographer and instructor specializing in Latin and Middle Eastern dance and has choreographed numerous music videos and stage performances. Her screen credits include lead and supporting roles in breakthrough films including "Choices", "Master Key", and "Pride, Privilege and Justice". She is currently in pre-production for an original travel show written by her. {}

TAMARA SAYINER - co-producer and editor
Hailing from Helsingborg, Sweden, Tamara Sayiner taught entertainment, communications and graphics design there until 2003 when she brought her artistic style to Los Angeles and pursued a career in film and television. After furthering her studies at UCLA, Tamara broke into the television industry on the Warner Brothers show "Extra", NBC's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", and a variety of shows on the E! entertainment network. Tamara is now a tenacious producer of both American and international entertainment. Some of the major productions she has worked on include the first season of Sweden's hit "Top Model" series, the independent film "The Talent", the #1 rated "Spanish Hollywood Wives" and its counterpart "Swedish Hollywood Wives". {}

JOSIKO PRIHADI - cinematographer
With a diverse background in documentaries, shorts, music videos, talk shows and features, Josiko Prihadi conveys the stunning temporality of "The Happy Husband". Having worked most recently on the comedy feature "Karaoke Man", she is also known for her production roles on the Sony Pictures Classics documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car" directed by Chris Paine. Working at an award-winning public relations company in Australia sparked her interest in entertainment production and led her to UCLA where she studied directing and cinematography. Now an independent producer and director, she has teamed with cinematographers on a diverse array of projects and supported productions of the American Film Institute and Loyola Productions, as well as "The Vicky Wagner Show". {}

BEN CORIA - composer (original musical score)
A trained pianist, orchestrator and composer, Ben Coria holds advanced degrees in music composition. Having studied under modern luminaries including Alex Wurman, Alf Clausen, Sean Callery, Adam Fields and Christopher Guardino, Ben has scored music for a wide variety of media including documentaries, short live-action dramas, animated shorts, commercials, and an independent kung fu feature. He is also a seasoned concert pianist and has provided musical services for the feature "Brüno". Presently, Ben composes for the popular web series "The Micros", directs a large chamber ensemble and a band, and teaches at the distinguished Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy and the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus. {}

MIKA KRSTIC - composer
Originally from Serbia, Mika Krstic is a television and film composer with deep European musical roots. In 2006 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a composer and currently works for Warner Bros./Telepictures composing music for "The Tyra Show", "Judge Pirro", "Beyond Twisted", "Extra TV", and "TMZ". Mika performs at recitals of his own original compositions, playing both violin and piano, and has performed with the Santa Monica Symphony, the Monterey Symphony, and the YMF Symphony Orchestra. In Europe, Mika scored three movie soundtracks and produced nine albums. He composed for the short film "Devils" and is currently working on his first high budget feature film in the United States, "Delivered". For "The Happy Husband", Mr. Krstic performed a delightful rendition of Vivaldi's "Concerto for Mandolin in C Major". {}

LOUIE LIBERTI - artistic consultant
A cast member of the NBC hit series "ER", Louie Liberti is a working actor and acting teacher of the Meisner technique formerly at the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio in Santa Monica, California. He has starred in features including "Crazy/Beautiful" as well as his own one-man theatrical show entitled "Almost Made", a touching and cheerfully honest glimpse into a vulnerable child's coming of age in Queens, New York amidst infidelity, drug use, and family loss. Louie is currently developing a television pilot and series based upon "Almost Made" for national distribution. {}